The Control Group Office—Creativity That Can’t Be Contained By Cubicle Walls

The Control Group

Killer products and powerful marketing only happen when talented people collaborate. Individual skill is fantastic, but the magic only happens when you get a roomful of great minds building upon each others’ ideas. More opportunities to bounce your thoughts off of your co-workers means more creative solutions to the kinds of unique problems that a fast-growing company like The Control Group encounters every day.

In that spirit (and in the grand tradition of tech startups) we have a completely open office plan, without walls between our developers, designers, or marketers. Take one step inside of our Pacific Beach office and you will immediately see almost all our employees working on their current sprint while sitting together on an island of desks, with no walls of any kind between them. Whenever you need to borrow the mind of another employee (as I often do), they are always within eye and earshot.

Here’s why we love our open office plan at The Control Group.

When It’s Time To Work, We’re Quiet Like Ninjas

Throughout the day, the only “noise” coming from our office is the occasional clickity-clack of our developers coding like the wind, the sound of someone in flip flops walking to the kitchen to grab another energy drink, or the jingle-jangle of a collar worn by one of our office dogs. A little ambient noise like this can actually boost creativity.

Soundproofed Rooms For Private Meetings

But what happens when your muse smiles upon you and you are struck with a fantastic idea that you want to communicate to a fellow team member face-to-face, but you don’t want your enthusiastic pitch to distract your hardworking friends around you? No worries, we thought of that too. To facilitate people who need quiet space to collaborate, The Control Group office has a side room (we call it the touchdown room) that is completely soundproofed. For larger gatherings (like Drafternoon), we also have a state-of-the-art conference room. It’s fantastic if you need to meet with your co-workers or make a phone call.

Sounds Pretty Awesome Right?

Oh man, you have no idea. Imagine that you never got stuck on a problem at work, because you always had someone off-the-charts smart to talk to about what your hang up is. Also imagine that every time you had a good idea, you could always count on the people you work with to think of ways to make it even better. A completely open work environment allows for near-constant collaboration.

Want to join us?

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can always check out our job openings.


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