Inside the Mind of The Control Group's Master Recruiter

Spotlight On: Chris Ridge

Director of Recruiting, Chris Ridge, knows exactly what to look for when finding the best person for the job at The Control Group. “I find individuals that have a spark in their eyes when they talk about technology,” he says.

And that’s just the beginning. We’re perpetually innovating using the latest technologies. The professionals we want to hire will be eager to learn new skills, not just hone the ones they already have.

Because technology moves so fast, sometimes we’re ahead of the candidates we need. A little over a year ago, Elasticsearch technology arrived on the scene as the latest way to simplify the complexities of big data.

“I’m always on the lookout for people who already know Elasticsearch, but since it’s such a new technology and not many people are experts in it yet, I’m interested in finding someone who is driven to master it,” Chris explains.

The Control Group team members not only love what they do, but do it miles above and beyond their peers. “Hiring here is also a collaborative process,” says Chris. “I’ll ask the team leads what roadblocks they are experiencing, and together we’ll figure out the best type of position and potential candidate they need."

When looking to fill different roles, Chris has a clear picture of our needs. We’re always on the lookout for enthusiastic designers, marketers and developers with extremely varied skill sets. “When I’m looking to hire an account executive candidate, I’m looking for someone who demonstrates drive—a go-getter. I want that outgoing person who will head out to a conference and shake hands or pick up the phone and keep our networks or publishers engaged.”

On the flip side, when Chris is seeking an engineering candidate, he’s looking for someone with a high level of expertise in a few or several of the specific technologies we use.

“For example, when I’m looking for a front end engineer, I’m looking for someone with expertise in CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5. When I bring these candidates onsite for an interview, I’ll see them light up if they’re truly passionate about the technologies we work with. They’ll also get really animated when they talk about their favorite trade publications they read in their free time to seek inspiration and additional knowledge to round out their skill sets.”

We think Chris has done a pretty fantastic job building our team so far. Just look at this happy bunch.

The Control Group Team

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