Journey to The Control Group Dungeon

[caption id="attachment_4811" align="alignleft" width="254"]Dungeon Sign The Sign.[/caption]

We’re not quite sure how it happened, but somewhere in the evolution of The Control Group offices, our first floor space, home to our marketing and content teams, began being affectionately referred to as the "dungeon.”

Upon hearing the word “dungeon”, most people conjure up a fairly dreary image. You probably picture a dark, dingy, moldy castle basement with a gnarly old man guarding the door that prevents you from getting out. Ew. Get that image out of your head right now.

Instead, our dungeon is one of the most coveted spaces to work in. It’s actually bright, spacious, and home to some of our most creative team members. Just look at the door. The space used to belong to State Farm, and from time to time, unsuspecting visitors looking for a great deal on their car insurance will find that unlike a good neighbor, State Farm is not in fact there. Instead, they’re greeted by this sign—because everyone who took the time to drive to this office looking for car insurance can appreciate being greeted by Tardar Sauce, the infamous Grumpy Cat.

Let's Get Inverted

Once inside, instead of finding a troll and molded walls, visitors will find other curiosities, like our content and marketing teams shouting, “Let’s get inverted!” on a particularly stressful day, and then actually getting inverted...

Ryder standing on Jess...

Thinking on our feet AND our heads. Pretty rad, no? From time to time you’ll find Ryder (usually wearing his sunglasses inside because he’s just that rad) standing on Jessica’s back, allowing her to show off her superhuman abdominal strength...

Other perks of working in the dungeon that aren’t quite as visually exciting are Friday team lunches, fun, cat-loving co-workers, and and most importantly working in a room full of people who have both great laughs and the ability to successfully chew without smacking their lips (this is no easy feat). The dungeon is the hidden gem of The Control Group, and that’s just the way the crew in there likes it.

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