People Who Rocked This Month At TCG

Who rocks? You rock. The Control Group is packed to the brim with movers and shakers who know how to code like there’s no tomorrow, design the most eye-catching pages, and write the next great American blog article.

But sometimes, we like to send a little extra dose of gratitude to people who go above and beyond. Check out this month’s edition of People Who Rock, and send your own nominations to our stellar Human Resources team!

Ethan Kent

Ethan Kent headshot

Nominated by Kawika Ohumukini

Big shout-out to Ethan Kent. Earlier this month, we were the recipients of a slow, brute-force attack on our login pages. A couple failed logins every five minutes from 250 different IP addresses was just slow enough to fly under the radar and make mitigation difficult. Ethan deployed code changes to show the CAPTCHA immediately on hitting the login page and better structured messaging. A small change to our customers, but a huge wall to the attack, and he stopped them cold. Thanks, Ethan!

Irene Webber, Michelle Shepard, And Rebecca Paredes

Irene Webber headshot Michelle Shepard headshotRebecca Paredes headshot

Nominated by Alice Seivertson

Sending out a BIG ROCK STAR shout-out to Irene Webber, Michelle Shepard, and Rebecca Paredes for their extraordinary work on our AMAZING TCG cookbook!!!!!! This team really rocked it with their delicious designs, clever captions, exceptional editing, and outstanding organization of our first-ever TCG cookbook — CTRL > ALT > EAT! This cookbook is so professionally done, we could literally sell it on Amazon!!!! Irene, Michelle & Rebecca, you guys are true ROCK STARS. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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