People Who Rock VOL. III ⚡

When we welcome new employees to the team, we always like to find out what made them so excited to join our squad. Sure, we hear a lot about the amazing benefits and awesome locations — but almost always new hires are stoked about the people that they get to collaborate and create with. Oh, and the dogs, obviously.

We love to celebrate our best and brightest. That’s why we have our monthly “People Who Rock” shoutout: to celebrate TCG’s everyday heroes. Here are the winners for this month!

Eric Greene, Matt Warren, Kris Barrett & Thomas Asadurian



Kris Barrett

Thomas Asadurian

Nominated by Shiem Edelbrock

“Shiem is sending a great big ROCK STAR shout-out to recognize the AMAZING super-human work and accomplishments of the Data Team: Eric Greene, Matt Warren, Kris Barrett and  Thomas Asadurian!!! Thanks to the Data Team’s proactively built architecture and ridiculous hard-work, they were able to replace the SEO Directory (essentially 5 years’ worth of live searches) for the conversion from Lexus to Trans-Union in less than 30 days, which is phenomenal!!! Not only did they have to delete and convert the data quickly, they also had to simultaneously understand and navigate complex compliance issues. And to top it off, they accomplished all this while also juggling other multiple urgent projects and regular work demands without missing a beat. SUPER HUGE ROCK STAR “THANK YOU” & “GREAT JOB” SHOUT OUT TO THE EXTRAORDINARY DATA TEAM!!!”

Kelly Gregory and Ryan Farmer

Kelly Gregory

Ryan Farmer

Nominated By Jamie DeProspo

Kelly and Ryan have been crushing it on the sales team. Kelly increased sales by 44% between Jan-Mar 17’ over Oct-Dec 16’.

Ryan has generated close to 100k in sales from October 16’ - March 17’, and increased sales by 18% March over February of this year!

Tischa Culver and Kacey Nomura

Kacey Nomura

Tischa Culver

Nominated by Natalie Scott

“I would like to nominate and thank Tischa and Kacey for helping me every single week with PB brunches. Without the help of these two, I would not be able to pull off such wonderful brunches week after week. They are always helping me whenever I need help with anything and I can't tell them how much I always appreciate having their support.”

Is somebody missing? Don’t forget to email your nomination for People Who Rock to HR for June’s edition!

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