People Who Rocked The Control Group In October

What’s sweeter than all of the Halloween candy this October? All of the amazing hard work performed by October’s People Who Rock!

This month, we’re celebrating the following employees who went above and beyond the call of duty to make The Control Group better than ever!

Brett Wray

brett wray

Nominated by Andy Muns

I like working with Brett because he keeps the San Diego culture alive and well at The Control Group. A culture that values hard work, grittiness, and getting the job done with a smile on your face. 

A huge reason I wanted to join the TCG team was meeting Brett while waiting to be interviewed. As someone who takes a lot of pride in being a San Diegan, Brett really made me feel like I was in the right place.

We get to work in the coolest space because Brett makes this a cool space.

As Jim Harbaugh (Michigan's Head Coach) says, "No one has it better than we do". 

Tony Lea and Motaz Hussein

Tony Lea and Motaz Hussein

Nominated by Amica Graber

I'd like to nominate Tony and Motaz for People Who Rock! Both Tony and Motaz were instrumental in helping me launch the 'America's Most Haunted' landing page as part of a seasonal promotion for our Address Lookup product. Tony and Motaz are always ready to help execute wild ideas, and their creativity and knowledge makes every project amazing. Thanks, guys!

Amber Hendrick

amber hendrick

Nominated by Courtney Langan

I'd like to give a shout out to Amber for being awesome. She is exceptional at updating designs quickly to reflect feedback from our users. This allows dev handoff to happen on or before schedule, enabling our team to meet quarterly goals. 

She makes sure everyone on the team is included in discussions and decisions. She has gone out of her way to keep me and other team members connected while working remotely. 

Amber, you are very much appreciated!

James Cool

James Cool

Nominated by Andy Muns

James rocks both metaphorically as a Developer, and literally as a guitarist/pianist. 

As a Developer, James has been continuously working over the last several months to make our pages load as fast as possible. Thanks to his consistent effort our SEO focused pages now load faster than our top competitors.

Every single week James discovers and tests new ways to use less code while maintaining the user experience. 

He’s proactive about his role on our team and always takes it upon himself to find (and promptly fix) issues as they arise.

James is awesome to work with and makes work fun. 

Did someone rock your work world this November? Don’t forget to nominate your TCG Rockstar by shooting an email to HR!

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