The People Who Rocked The Control Group In August

For locals, the end of August means being able to fully enjoy your favorite haunts again as the tourists dwindle. It also means enduring brief bouts of triple-digit temperatures that those tourists wisely escaped. But the weather wasn’t the only thing that brought the heat to San Diego last month.

A few employees at The Control Group scorched expectations, earning recognition from colleagues for their exceptional performance within a company stacked with exceptional performers.

Here are the TCG stars who got extra kudos from their co-workers this month.

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Adam Rich

Adam Rich
Nominated by Mehmet Koc

Adam made tremendous impact to the mobile team as soon as he started. He not only builds big features for the apps like the contact importer and location reports in a short amount of time, but he also constantly comes up with new ideas and helps the team in every way possible. He is a huge asset with his skillset and his attitude to TCG, particularly with the mobile team.

Callie Larson

Callie Larson

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia

Over the past two years at The Control Group, Callie has been a strong member of the split-testing team, growing technically on a consistent basis and applying that growth to her main job duty — improving the conversion rate of our public records sites. During our recent split-testing competition, I was particularly impressed by her knowledge of the product and her understanding of the data service. Even though she has a strong competitive spirit, she was always willing to help out the other teams by sharing her knowledge to help the company overall. Most importantly, Callie has made herself an important cultural fixture at The Control Group by introducing "Burrito Wednesdays" at the downtown office, which she takes very seriously. It's a highly celebrated event that not only improves the overall happiness of those who work with her, but also saves time and focus as a whole as we no longer have to worry about "what's for lunch" on Wednesdays.

Andy Muns

Andy Muns
Nominated by Kristle Khoury

Andy has made extraordinary progress while emerging as a team lead on the Tech SEO team. His ability to organize, communicate, and deliver results, all while maintaining a contagious and positive team spirit, guides workflow in a manner that makes it a pleasure to be a part of the projects. I’m nominating him as a TCG rockstar for his project management skills, his desire to stay on top of the latest in an ever-changing SEO industry, and his innate ability to positively inspire those around him. Thanks for everything you do — YOU ROCK!

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