The People Who Rocked At TCG In July

July means long summer days, easy times by the beach, and refreshing dips in the pool. But at TCG, it also means one thing: a final push as we finish up our quarter! Last month, we released new email campaigns and took one step closer to an Instant Checkmate iOS app, among other big innovations.

While everyone at TCG is a rockstar, a few people wanted to send an extra “thank you” to the movers and shakers below. Does someone on your team totally rock? Send a brief paragraph to Human Resources to feature them in next month’s installment of People Who Rock!

Amber Hendrick

Amber Hendrick rocks

Nominated by Hanna Letska

I'd like to submit Amber for People Who Rock. For a long time, she's been doing amazing design work for the pubrec team. Thanks to her, the ICM and TF dashboards look great. Amber came up with many designs and ideas that improved conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and user experience. She does her job with passion, and it is always fun to work with her.

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson rocks

Nominated by Andy Muns

Andrew is a true team player at TCG. I can't count the times I've asked him questions that have nothing to do with his role, yet he's always willing to help.

He always comes to the office with a positive attitude, and it rubs off on everyone. What I like the most about Andrew is that he's great at explaining in-depth technical issues in simple language that everyone can understand. In my life experience, that's a sign of the highest level of intelligence.

I've learned a ton from Andrew since starting at TCG and wanted to take this opportunity to thank him. It's a pleasure to work with him; he's a person that makes me excited to come to work everyday.

Kristle Khoury

Kristle Khoury rocks

Nominated by Andy Muns

Prior to becoming a nerd, I played football for 15 years and can tell you from experience that teams win championships for one reason and one reason alone: great coaches. Kristle is a great coach. She's always logical, always calm, and always collected.

It's one thing to take over a winning team and continue to win, but it's a whole different story to take the reigns of a larger team and turn it around. She's accomplished just that, though. She has helped me develop as a person, employee, and teammate in so many ways, and I couldn't be more thankful.

What really surprises me about Kristle is that when she's not leading the Inbound Marketing Team, ORM, Press, and Content efforts, she's a full-time mom. I have no clue how she does it, but that is so damn impressive to me.

Kristle has the innate ability to inspire people, and she has all the qualities you could ever ask for in a leader. I couldn't be more thankful to be on the same team.

Luke VanVoorhis

Luke rocks

Nominated by Amber Hendrick and Amanda Hoskins

Luke is the dude. We couldn't ask for a better manager and co-worker. He’s always game for a Nerf war, playful chatter, and lending a helpful hand to practically every team at TCG. We know he always is looking out for what is best for his team.

Between photo shoots, marketing ad assistance, and coordinating his team, he always has something keeping him busy. Plus, he keeps the downtown office full stocked with cold bro. TCG is a better with Luke around!

HR Team

HR team

Nominated by Luke VanVoorhis

Janet and Alice are always looking to extend our benefit offerings and create more value for employees. The new 401k move from ADP to Fidelity is a huge opportunity for employees to keep and grow more money in their retirement accounts, rather than having it going to management fees.

With ADP, the fund with the lowest expense ratio was 0.7%, with most between 1%-2%. The new Fidelity fund offerings have many low-expense ratio fund options, with one as low as 0.045%. It may seem minimal at first, but the effect of that 0.5%-1% expense ratio savings difference with compounding returns can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars more in your account at retirement. I’d like to thank the HR team for doing their best to take care of us now and in the future.

Rachel disclaimer

Amanda Hoskins

Amanda Hoskins rocks

Nominated by Luke VanVoorhis

Amanda has really stepped up her role on NextGen Leads as the company continues to grow. Beyond being an excellent designer, Amanda has added development to her skillset as well as using her organizational skills to keep the team focused and organized to tackle high-priority items.

A few months back, Amanda took advantage of our TCG education program by participating in a Coding Bootcamp Weekend. By applying what she learned and continuing to grow her development skills, Amanda has been able to contribute much more to the NGL team beyond just design. Her added skills also allow the team to be more agile, which frees up some resources for more difficult development tasks. Amanda is truly a pleasure to be around and work with. She has forged many strong relationships and is able to work well with anyone at the company.

If you’re interested in enrolling in some education programs, I highly recommend speaking with the HR team or fellow co-workers who have tried it out. Create more value for yourself and the company.

The Design Team

Downtown design team rocks

Nominated by Joe Furfaro

I’d like to nominate Luke, Amber, and Amanda for People Who Rock!

The designers can often be the unsung heroes at a fast-paced, development-heavy company, but they do an excellent job laying out design standards and guidelines for every product we make. Having a blueprint to develop to makes all of our lives easier and all of the end products more beautiful. Not to mention, TCG swag is the envy of all my friends. Hats off to the designers!

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