These People Rocked At The Control Group In November

As the beginning of the holiday season, November promises gigantic servings of delicious turkey, pumpkin pie, and endless, bountiful carbs. November is also a month to feel grateful about the goodness in our lives (like Thanksgiving dinner) — and at The Control Group, we’re especially grateful for the members of our team that go the extra mile.

Every month, we like to take a moment to recognize the people that totally rocked. If you’d like to nominate someone on your team, just send a blurb to Human Resources for next month’s installment of People Who Rock!

Shiem Edelbrock

Shiem Edelbrock headshot

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia and Tony Lea

Ronnie: Not much can be said about Shiem that isn't already known. Not only is Shiem one of the most passionate and energetic devs I know, but he's also one of the smartest. His breadth of knowledge across a wide variety of technologies and coding languages gives him a diverse toolbelt for solving any problem he comes across, which he does so like a boss. So, what's the best thing about Shiem? He's probably saved every team in the company on at least one occasion. Shiem rocks!

Tony: Shiem doesn't get nominated as often as he should, and that's because many people are too busy getting help from him. There’s a reason that Shiem starts with “S”: he is a sensei, and I am lucky to work with someone who inspires and motivates me to do better. Everything he touches turns to gold. I aspire to be a Shiem one day. Shiem, keep it up.

Joe Furfaro

Joe Furfaro headshot

Nominated by Shiem Edelbrock

Joe is awesome. He needs a crown and a cape at this point. Not only has he hotfixed 3 huge issues this month, but he also helped when we were in over our heads with PCI. I asked him a small question, and he just took the whole thing and owned it all the way to the end. Absolutely amazing.

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