The People Who Rocked The Control Group In October

October is a month of tricks, treats, and pumpkin spice lattes — and at The Control Group, it also marks the end of a busy quarter. Each month, we like to recognize employees that go above and beyond to help their teams hit goals, push the envelope, and demonstrate why we’re consistently ranked one of San Diego’s best places to work.

Here are the people who made this month especially great, like warm cider on a crisp evening or the first bite of Halloween candy. Do you want to nominate someone on your team? Send a quick paragraph to Human Resources for next month’s edition of People Who Rock!

The Customer Care Team At Intelicare Direct

IntelliCare Direct logo

Nominated by Kristle Khoury

TCG and Intelicare Direct recently embarked on our first joint project efforts by initiating the customer referral program. This initiative helped empower our happy customers by turning them into brand ambassadors through our online review partners. ICD took on the project in full force and implemented it throughout their organization quickly and effectively, raising online sentiment to an all-time high. Our customers were given a voice to express not only their positive feedback for our product, but also the stellar customer service that is available with our membership programs. Our agents go above and beyond, answering common billing and usage questions, and they have consistently worked side by side with our customers, helping real people connect with lost friends and family members. Big shout-out to our best in class customer service team!

Edward Meehan

Edward Meehan

Nominated by Kristle Khoury

I’d like to nominate Edward for his work on the GA tracking project he’s been working on this quarter. This was a massive undertaking that required detailed attention to every aspect of our business and effective communication with various department heads and stakeholders while ensuring accuracy in his work. Edward was able to match the data to our accounts at a rate that exceeded expectations and will give teams even more confidence in the data-driven decisions we are making every day. Big thanks to Edward for leading and completing these efforts and continuing to support our teams in a productive, positive manner. TOTAL ROCKSTAR!

Amber Hendrick

Amber Hendrick

Nominated by Luke VanVoorhis

Amber has been instrumental to the PubRec and Split Testing teams this year, using her prowess for process and design skills to produce more work than you would think one designer could possibly create. She does her work with grace, explores solutions to effectively target problems, and is always willing to pitch in wherever needed.

If you have been on the TruthFinder and ICM product dashboards lately, you likely noticed a refined visual design and better experience. The PubRec team and Amber, as lead designer, have championed this cause over the past year. She implemented new processes like full-site UI kits to streamline efficiency and create a more cohesive user experience. She found ways to create value for customers in order to increase retention and feedback scores, while simultaneously increasing upsell and cross-sell conversion.

Recently, Amber worked on some top-secret internal projects that she cannot wait to share with all of you. She has risen above and beyond all her requirements as a designer, while remaining thirsty for more opportunity and challenges.

Amber is consistently one of the most positive people to be around in the company and is always helping foster the great culture we are so fortunate to have here. I'm sure that everyone agrees that her periodic baking treats are the things office dreams are made of.

Joe Furfaro

Joe Furfaro

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia

Not that it needs to be said, but we all know how valuable Joe is to the team. His attention to detail, passion for code, and high standard of quality is apparent in anything he touches. Joe is truly a master of his craft. Since Joe first started at The Control Group, I've seen his technical expertise grow exponentially as he built upon his solid foundation of coding knowledge. I've looked to Joe for answers to my many questions regarding things like Docker, Kubernetes, React, ES6, and code philosophy in general. Joe garners respect from his co-workers with not only his skill, but also his approachability and friendly demeanor. Joe is also a cultural fixture here at The Control Group and makes working alongside him an enjoyable experience.

Andy Muns And Brian Peck

Andy Muns and Brian Peck

Nominated by Jeff Bue

Mad props to Andy Muns and Brian Peck. I can't begin to describe how awesome these two are. If you think about the amount of responsibility they have and what they're trying to achieve with each individual property, you would be taken aback and astonished by exactly what they do and how they do it. Everyday, it's up to them to progressively optimize over 20 different properties, including two people directories, two criminal records directories, and multiple helper and feeder sites and pages that basically provide over 50% of our company’s income.

With no formal education for programing, Andy Muns is a damn good web developer. He has shelled out a few amazing websites on his own time that are spot-on with modern web programing standards and conventions. As a jack-of-all-trades, not only does he bring his outstanding leadership skills to the table, but he's also a designer, writer, and overall BA SOB. Andy always keeps our team on track. He’s always willing to work out a problem instead of just having it his way, and I have all the confidence in the world that he's leading the SEO team in the right direction.

Brian Peck has a fire in his belly that I haven't quite ever seen before. He persistently takes on new challenges and throws himself into the fire of responsibility. Half of our properties wouldn't be as upkept or even possible if it weren’t for Brian’s drive. He constantly improves and maintains each property with strict coding practices and innovations that help propel our company above the rest of any competition. Brian’s major properties wouldn't be what they are today without his work, including TruthFinder's Criminal RecordsICM Reviews and both .help sites.

I nominate these two as people who rock because of what they do every day. They absolutely rock it with passion, knowledge, and a sense of purpose. I owe them a huge amount of gratitude and thanks for keeping our ship afloat. Without these two, I'm sure it would sink, and we would all be hanging out on a door in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

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