People Who Rocked at TCG in January

As we ushered in the New Year, it was a great time to take a moment to think about all the things that we’re grateful for at TCG: the snacks, the dogs, our awesome offices … but most of all, the people.

Great people are what makes TCG such a special place to work, and as we finish up our fourth quarter, it’s time to celebrate January’s rockstars!

Be sure to give them a big high-five the next time you see them. If there’s a rockstar on your team, don’t forget to nominate them for February! Just send a quick paragraph about why they rock to Human Resources.

Without further ado, please put your hands together for January’s nominees!

Natalie Scott

Nominated by Kristle Khoury

Natalie Scott is a huge part of keeping the PB office culture thriving. She is constantly assessing and anticipating the needs of the team and creating the comfortable office environment that we all love. Whether it’s walking in on Friday to the smell of bacon cooking, having plenty of healthy snacks on hand, or being greeted by a friendly face at the door, Natalie is a TCG rockstar every day! 

Andrew Johnson

Nominated by Edward Meehan

Andrew helped me a ton during my Google Analytics revamp project and always seems eager to volunteer his expertise. Even though I know my questions were disruptive to his daily workflow, he always made time or suggested times he could help. He’s just a huge help overall and a great person to work with.

Courtney Langan

Nominated by Amica Graber

Courtney’s user personas are an amazing asset for the entire company, and they provide clear and concise insights into our target demographics. Courtney also went above and beyond to track down a series of product testimonials that ranged from comedic to heartwarming. It’s great to see how people have used our products to reunite with missing loved ones or stay safe in the dating pool. Courtney has a knack for finding the most incredible true-life stories from our customers! 

Leica Zetisky 

Nominated by Edward Meehan

I needed some help adding a new feature to the pub rec app. Before our first meeting to discuss the needs for the feature, she had already seen the value in it and built an amazing prototype. Her additions to the feature saved me a huge amount of time. Leica really stepped up and knocked it out on her first attempt.

Hung Chau  

Nominated by Ronnie Garcia

This nomination is long overdue. Hung has been an absolutely solid employee and a joy to work with. From the moment he was first brought onto the team, he made it a point to get up to speed quickly and begin making contributions. With every project he has been involved in over the past couple years, Hung has shown a tremendous work ethic; he does what it takes to meet a looming deadline and knock a project out of the park. 

Not only is Hung a great developer, but he truly understands the business side of things, making decisions that have helped NextGen Leads grow at breakneck speeds. Some of Hung's most recent contributions to our Partner Network logic have helped ROI for that segment grow by 165%.  Give that man some spandex and a guitar because he's a true rockstar here at TCG.

Jake Howard

Nominated by Ramy Touchan

Jake has been working closely with the marketing team. He has helped develop new creative while getting things done on the back end to maintain partnerships with our current advertisers and getting our new pre-sell pages developed and running at an extremely efficient rate. He is also responsible for collaborating on a more effective and efficient process for getting new pages live and testing them for optimal conversion rates.

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