People Who Rocked in March

The days are lasting a little longer and the sun is shining a little brighter as we welcome in Spring...and a new list of nominations for People Who Rock!

Every month we like to put aside a moment to thank the star employees who really impressed us. Here are the winners for March!

Eric Greene and Thomas Asadurian

Nominated by Tony Lea

I want to thank Eric and Thomas for being awesome and helping me get the data I needed to build our Address Search SEO pages. All I had to do was send them a message about the data I wanted and they were able to quickly update the Data Service Client to give me the data I needed. I’m super lucky and happy to work with people who Rock. Thanks, guys! And if you want to check out the Address Lookup page you can check it out here.

Nicole Smith

Nominated by Amica Graber

I’d like to nominate Nicole for People Who Rock. Nicole is always available for compliance (and sometimes random) questions and gets through the mammoth amount of content we send her at a whiplash speed. While Rachel was away, Nicole held down the fort and kept everything sailing smoothly. Thanks Nicole!

Melissa Rodgers

Nominated by Amica Graber

Melissa has only been with us for just a few short months, but her impact on our team is undeniable. There is never a shortage of ideas, and Melissa proactively works with every member of the team to help us all get closer to reaching our goals. Whenever I need someone to bounce ideas off, Melissa is always available to help and her brand of creative problem solving is always on point!

Do you want to nominate a Person Who Rocked for April? Send in your suggestions to HR!

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