The Inaugural Quarterly Prell Cup Winners Are …

There are a few legends that can be traced back to the golden age of marketing, where the mad men of Madison Avenue dreamed up of inventive and novel ways to sell more products. One of the most enduring stories from this era is something that can still be found in bathrooms across America.

Prell shampoo revolutionized hair washing with just one word. Repeat. After lathering and rinsing, Prell marketing executives realized that they could sell even more shampoo by implementing the word ‘repeat.’ Is it really necessary to shampoo twice? Not really. But it sent shampoo sales through the roof, and the slogan became part of America’s shower routine up until this very day!

To celebrate entrepreneurial spirits within TCG, we rolled out the Prell Award at the last quarterly meeting. If any team or individual can create a repeatable process for success within the company, they can be nominated to win the Prell Cup!

The winners of this cup were none other than Kristle Khoury, Jeffrey Bue, Andy Muns, Andrew Johnson, and Matthew Vallejo. 

prell cup

To celebrate the amazing accomplishments of these talented TCG’ers, we decided that the sky was the limit … literally!

helicopter tour of san diego

First up was a helicopter tour of San Diego. From soaring past the highrises of downtown to cruising over the blue Pacific, this tour covered all of San Diego’s most beloved landmarks.

aerial view of san diego

Our Prell winners even told us that they could see the animals at San Diego Zoo from the ride! Talk about a sky safari.

the control group tasting menu

Next up came nearly eight courses at one of San Diego’s most famous restaurants, Juniper and Ivy.

Helmed by Top Chef winner, Richard Blais, our Prell winners received an all-access pass to the restaurant, including a tour of the kitchen. prell cup winners

Well done to our Prell Cup winners! 

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