TCG Unveils First-Ever Cookbook, CTRL>ALT>Eat!

Jake Howard on the grill downtown

Some companies might celebrate National Nutrition Month by distributing lackluster flyers that list a handful of recipes for sad, dry salads. Others might bring in a bowl of chopped fruit and call it a healthy workday. But at The Control Group, we like to do things differently — and that meant putting our best forks forward by creating our first-ever cookbook, CTRL>ALT>Eat!

CTRL>ALT>Eat! is an eclectic mix of healthy recipes, comfort foods, and indulgent treats that represent the tastes of TCG. Some recipes were original creations, and others were selected from our favorite food blogs and cookbooks. Whether you want to enjoy Paleo breakfast muffins (contributed by Luke McIlwee), chocolate chip banana bread (contributed by Amber Hendrick), or a selection of brunch recipes from our Pacific Beach office (contributed by Natalie Scott), CTRL>ALT>Eat! has you covered.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true TCG project without some competition. Everyone who submitted a recipe received a raffle number. The more recipes submitted, the greater the chance to win the ultimate chef’s prize: a Vitamix blender valued at over $500.

In the face of fierce competition, the prize went to QA Engineer David Gollner, who submitted a slew of recipes on behalf of his wife, Kim Gollner. So, how have David and Kim enjoyed their prize?

“After winning, we took a vacation to NY,” David said. “Then upon returning, Kim went to Houston for her daughter's graduation from middle to high school. The Vitamix is still in its box waiting for her return next week. I have been barred from using it until she has used it first. Wife's orders.”

A second competition was also held to name the cookbook, and the winner received a $100 gift certificate to Williams Sonoma. Almost 40 creative names were submitted, but there was one clear winner: CTRL>ALT>Eat!, submitted by Human Resources Specialist Janet Moreno.

The inspiration behind the name is rooted in tech: “As a PC user, I am all too familiar with the three-finger salute, Control-Alt-Delete,” Janet said. “I thought of CTRL-ALT-Eat! while waiting for my laptop to reboot.”

CTRL>ALT>Eat! is available for download here as a PDF and EPUB. Be sure to tag The Control Group on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you whip up any of our recipes!

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