The 2020 #HealthySelfie Challenge Winners Are...

As any TCG employee will tell you, one of the greatest things about working here is the culture. The food, the dogs, the ample office’s all pretty amazing. And after four years of participating in the Healthy Selfie challenge, this yearly ritual has become part of our unique culture!

For four years, we’ve hiked, boxed, swam, jumped, and lifted our way into winning awesome prizes courtesy of The Control Group. And this year, the prizes were even more amazing. 

But not as amazing as our contestants.

Drumroll, please!

The 2020 TCG Healthy Selfie Winners Are...

1st Place Winner: Kyle Kuemmerle, $1000 Carnival Cruise Gift Card

kyle on lifeguard tower

kyle running on the beach

Once Kyle submitted his Baywatch-themed Healthy Selfie entry video, it was game over for the other contestants. 

2nd Place Winner: Amber Hendrick, $500 Airline Gift Card of choice

Amber lifting a heavy barbell

Amber lifted herself into second place with an impressive display of athleticism.

3rd Place Winner: Gemma Coulls, National Parks Pass & $150 REI Gift Card

Gemma hanging upside down

Gemma hung in the competition, coming in a 3rd place with her impressive acrobatics.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! If you didn’t win a prize, there’s always the TCG Olympics just around the corner...


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