The Control Group Competes In The Inaugural TCG Olympics

Normally, The Control Group is one big happy team that works to build and grow the best data products available. But on Friday, that camaraderie was shattered, as the entire company split into feuding teams for the inaugural TCG Olympics.

Six teams entered the field of sport. But only one could be victorious.

Team Ronald Palmers

Ronald Palmers

Team Great Scott

Team Great Scott

Team @channel

Team Significant Others

 Team Banana

The competitors gathered to compete in the most gruelling sports around: kickball, elimination volleyball, marble madness, firing rubber chickens at a giant target with a slingshot, an obstacle course that involved spinning around several times and frisbee, and stuffing balloons into a giant onesie.


When the dust settled, only one team remained.

Inaugural TCG Olympics Champion: Team Bananas 


Witness the Olympians claim their glory!


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