The Control Group Ponies Up – Del Mar Opening Day

And they’re off! 

The Control Group donned their fanciest hats and most dapper bowties for the Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day festivities. 

TCG is always raising the bar when it comes to fun company outings and Opening Day was no exception. 

After a boogie infused limo party bus ride to the beautiful Del Mar Fairgrounds, the team took to the track and started brushing up on how to parlay all day.  

photo of TCG team cheersing at race day 

The annual hat contest was an exciting adventure in and of itself. Participants adorned their headpieces with plush octopi, a few Dr. Seuss inspired oddities, and flower arrangements so elaborate it was shocking that their owners were able to fit through doorways. 


All TCGers were treated to Premier bucks that were redeemable for tasty treats and beverages of everyone’s choosing. The mint juleps of Kentucky were substituted for the very SoCal alternative of a classic margarita. 


TCG team at the races 

There were a few high rollers for the day and a few more who simply enjoyed the abundant sunshine and people watching. 

At the end of the day the team trekked back to the limo bus for a spirited ride back to reality. And by reality, I mean TCG reality. 

There were impromptu concerts in our music room with performances by the many talented musicians who work among us less musically inclined folks.

Ping pong tournaments got competitive, (as all parlor games do here). 

At the end of the day everyone left work feeling full of cheer and great memories. 

TCG team wearing race day hats

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