The Control Group Releases Voyager 1.0, The Admin Package Disrupting Wordpress

Developer Tony Lea saw a problem. Laravel, a popular PHP framework, was missing an admin package that enabled developers to easily build out websites and applications. Other platforms, like Wordpress, relied on hacked-together plugins and bloated code to create custom websites.

Lea wanted something simple. So, he built it.

Voyager home screen

Voyager is an open source Laravel admin package that empowers developers to add and delete posts, images, users, menus, forms, and more. It’s scalable, secure, and — most importantly — flexible, which is part of the reason it has seen such huge success. Voyager 1.0 was released on Sept. 18, and as of publication, it has earned nearly 4,500 stars on Github.

The problem with one-size-fits-all platforms is that they aren’t applicable to a diverse array of websites. The framework a developer uses for a simple blog is going to be different than a more complex ecommerce website. Instead of struggling with templates and plugins, Voyager offers an admin interface that enables developers to fully control content on the front-end.

Voyager BREAD builder

For Lea, Voyager was a passion project that he was able to pursue through his work at The Control Group. “Voyager was something I built to scratch my own itch,” he said. “It filled a clear need among the open source community, and I am lucky to have worked with so many great developers throughout this project. I look forward to Voyager’s future. Every day, code is being contributed and added to make it even better.”

President Steven Gray said, “Voyager is another clear example of the incredible development initiatives being performed at The Control Group. We’re excited to support Voyager, which represents the culmination of a great idea and passionate execution.”

Voyager by Tony Lea at The Control Group

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