TCG Supports Computer Science Education Week

When you look at how many Computer Science jobs are currently available and how many people there are who are qualified to fill these jobs, the numbers don’t lie. According to Computer Science Education Week, 71% of all new jobs in STEM are in computing, while only 8% of STEM graduates are in Computer Science. Even if the exact numbers vary from source to source, no one can deny that the amount of computing jobs available vastly outnumber the resources needed to fill them.


As a web development company, we know better than most how crucial computer science is in this day and age. That’s why we choose to participate in the global Hour of Code event every year. As part of Computer Science Education Week, the Hour of Code exposes students to the growing field of computer science and gives them the opportunity to learn the basics of coding.

This year, we sent five developer volunteers to Hoover High School’s Academy of Information Technology (AOIT). Mehmet and Luis taught one class of 9th graders while Andy, Brian, and Edward taught a second class.

Mehmet and Luis taught the students how to create a pixel art maker using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Students learned foundational Javascript skills by creating a function that changed the color of their desired pixel with a click based on a text input they coded.

Andy, Brian, and Edward also taught Javascript by having the students code a program that allowed them to animate their name on a web page.

Based on some feedback from the event, students already know how important it is to learn how to code. “It’s cool because doing something in a new and interactive way is what we want to do in the future. Programming is one of the biggest markets, and now many people can take advantage of things they get from programming,” said Jose, a 9th grader at Hoover High AOIT who participated in the Hour of Code.

Our hope is that these students continue to pursue their interest in Computer Science, and maybe they will even come work with us at The Control Group one day!


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