Drafternoon Recap - Eric Craft - Application Developer

Eric presented his drafternoon in a Q&A style. He asked some hard hitting questions to see how much his fellow employees really know about him, Marley, and what he does at TCG. For his drafternoon, Eric presented the team with a series of multiple choice questions that we had to answer! Interactive drafternoons are the best.

Here are his very thought-provoking questions:

  1. What do I do at The Control Group? Good starting question.
  2. Shoot nerf darts at Shiem. (not Shiem - Ray and Darren)
  3. Create Salt formulas for various services. (correct)
  4. Develop sweet Angular and Node applications. (correct)
  5. Create ICM variations in ASP.NET
  6. Enjoy the soothing melodies of Kawika’s guitar. (correct)

What is the running time of a binary search on a sorted array of n elements? Gold star if anyone got this one right!

  1. O(1)
  2. O(lg n) (correct)
  3. O(n)
  4. O(n lg n)
  5. O(n^2)


Since I’m a developer, the next slide is going to show quadcopters? This is a Legitimate question as this seems to be a running theme at TCG. However, the answer is:

True or False?

Eric’s next question and slide had to do with his family. He displayed a collage of interesting and varied families, asking his fellow employees to correctly identify which one was his. Can you guess?



erics family

Eric's family is the one enjoying beers above.


Where is Iowa (where Eric hails from)? Most would say “somewhere in the middle?” Pretty close! 




In what sport did the University of Iowa win the 23 NCAA championships?


Which NBA player holds the record for the most 3 pointers made in a season?

Stephen Curry

What breed is Marley? (Eric's dog)




  1. Irish Wolfhound
  2. Some kind of Greyhound mix
  3. One of those Afghans
  4. Scottish Deerhound
  5. A horse

(1 and 5 are also acceptable answers)

Which corporate event was the most fun?

  1. Christmas party
  2. Beach cleanup
  3. Padres baseball game (correct)
  4. Health fair

Who is Eric's favorite TCG employee?

Ronnie Garcia (who gifted Eric with precious Comic-Con tickets.)


Hopefully some very important insight into Eric’s life has been gained. Up next….Rachel Waters!


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