Drafternoon Recap - Patrick Vincler - A Journey Through Soft Skills

“The reward is the journey, rather than the destination” - Chinese Proverb

Patrick attributes his “soft skills” to the many unique experiences he’s had. What ARE “soft skills”? They are “Skills that characterize our relationships with other people. Increasingly sought by employers in addition to functional skills. They benefit anyone, regardless of the type of job they do.” He cited many examples of soft skills - adaptability, communication, professionalism, time management, etc.

Where His Skills Started to Develop

Patrick joined the U.S. Coast Guard at the young age of 19. In the Coast Guard he learned many skills that would ultimately shape his journey. He learned to swim, deal with emergencies, weapons handling, and what Patrick feels was the most important...how to deal with stress. Situations can literally mean life or death.

After basic training, Patrick's next stops were pretty surreal. While in the Coast Guard, he traveled to the Antarctic, Arctic and the North Pole! Patrick put in long hours, long deployments, had to adhere to strict rules and grueling work conditions. He definitely picked up some soft skills on this part of his journey.


patrick CG


Next Stop - Back to School

Patrick learned a great deal in his time with the Coast Guard, however, there is always additional knowledge to be gained. Patrick, went on to enroll in college at San Francisco State University, The Sorbonne, and a French University (not all at the same time).

He continued to hone his soft skills (problem solving, critical thinking, and communication) while spending a year abroad in Paris. These skills were learned through an immersion program at a French University, social situations such as dating, and learning (or trying to learn) French.

School’s Out!

Patricks schooling led him to a career in Marketing. Although his journey has brought him to The Control Group, it is far from over. He continues to share the skills he’s learned along the way.

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