Drafternoon Recap—“Downtime Is Frown Time” And Other Important Lessons From Nathan Cobb

Nathan Cobb

Last Friday, we took a break from our normally scheduled educational and productive drafternoon session to relax with Senior Back-End Developer Nathan Cobb after our team of back-end developers spent a long week of late nights at the office getting ready to launch one of the biggest projects we’ve ever tackled here at The Control Group—Universal Dashboard.

While some drafternoons are jam-packed with informative techie hacks, surprising statistics, and interesting data analysis, if it’s been a long hard week for our devs, we use drafternoons as an opportunity to recoup, and enjoy a cold one with our coworkers.

Nathan delivered a much appreciated comedic approach to his presentation with an animated video he made on “How to Fake a Drafternoon Presentation” using the PowToon application (the funny thing is that even though Nathan was going for the “slacker” approach, the cartoon he made was actually really impressive).

Here’s what Nathan had to say about his process for creating this unique drafternoon presentation.

"We worked really hard on the UD sprint this week. I remember thinking: ‘Okay Nathan , you're the man. You've got 15 hours to write a drafternoon presentation, sleep and put in a whole day at work. You can do this, you're a champion. Now think of something to do your presentation on.’ I worked for like 30 minutes on a slide show in google drive's presentation application, but it wasn't happening. I panicked and googled 'easy free online presentation tool omg what am I going to do oh no' and found PowToon. I created an account and started animating things in like a minute. It was like a stream of consciousness from there, I basically just animated what I was living through in real time. I'm still not sure if it's funny or not, but at least I had something to show for Friday!”

I gotta say, it was pretty funny.

After his drafternoon was over, I had a few questions for this red-headed back-end dev. They went something like this:

1) Hey Nathan, what's your favorite thing about working for The Control Group?

“For as sinister as the name sounds, working at the The Control Group is actually a lot of fun. We have so much talent here and just being around so many bright individuals on a daily basis is invaluable and really amazing. But I would say my favorite thing about working here is working with my colleagues to solve complex problems at such a high level. We do things big.”

2) What's your favorite part of this job?

“There's always a big new project coming through the pipeline. Whether it be a new service integration or a new product to develop, I really enjoy the responsibility of working on large projects.”

3) What's the most valuable thing you've learned since you've been at The Control Group?

“The easy way is usually the wrong way, but the hard way is usually the hard way because you're doing it wrong. Oh, and downtime is frown time.”

Yup, downtime sure is frown time. But luckily for us, we always have something to smile about here. :)

And now the video you've all been waiting for!

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