Drafternoon Recap— External SEO with Link Building Ninja Brett Scuiletti

Brett Scuiletti

Several Fridays ago (sorry for the recap delay, folks) our resident movie-grossing Rain Man (see below) and SEO expert Brett Scuiletti, schooled us on the benefits, ins and outs, and nitty gritty details of external SEO. As someone with extensive managerial experience in content marketing, branding, and optimization, it was an incredibly informative and a welcome peek into what he does on a daily basis. Plus, he’s already been here for two months, so we figured it was about time we learned about more than his love of Li’l Sebastian (what is with the miniature horse obsession in this office?) and black coffee.

li'l Sebastian

“I really wanted to have a chance to share what I do on a daily basis here with everyone, and describe why I do what I do,” Brett said. He also acknowledges that the novel environment created here at The Control Group really inspires him to share. “Drafternoons are such a unique and fantastic contribution to company culture; it’s not only a chance for us to build rapport with the people around us, but it also gives everyone an opportunity to ask questions and learn about someone else’s work. The questions I received after my presentation were insightful and based in a real desire to learn, and that’s something you can’t say about many workplaces.”

In his presentation, Brett taught our entire team a boatload, but more importantly he made one major point— considering the user experience is key. Providing unique, quality, and relevant content is king for any successful link building efforts. To satisfy the user’s experience, the content has to align with what they’re searching for. This is not only the foundation of a successful external SEO campaign, but it is also at the heart of The Control Group's business philosophy as a whole.

Bonus with Brett:

How much money did Con Air, starring Nicholas Cage, make in theaters?

“Con Air actually raked in a big $101 million in ticket sales. Apparently, 'Nicholas Cage on a plane' was an easy sell in 1997. It made more money than Disney's Hercules and twice as much as the first Austin Powers film during that same year. Crazy times they lived in.”

Brett Scuiletti: SEO expert and hardcore box office fan. Awesome.

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