Drafternoon Recap—Photoshop 101 with Jake Howard

Last Friday, we had an interactive drafternoon experience with one of our graphic designers, Jake Howard. The day before Jake was scheduled to present at drafternoon, he sent The Control Group team two files: a picture of water, and an outline of our logo. He told us to bring our laptops to drafternoon, and he would teach us how to make something cool using Photoshop. The anticipation around the office slowly began to build. . .

Before the tutorial, Jake told us a little about himself, and offered a glimpse into what he does on a daily basis here at the office—which is a lot. Jake does everything from making ads, to designing infographics, to working with our front-end developers to create winning landing pages.

And in his free time, Jake creates animal mashups.


Meet our new friend, wolfin.

After Jake told us a little about himself and what he typically works on here at The Control Group, it was time for a team tutorial in Photoshop. We opened the files he sent over from the previous day, and step by step Jake taught us how to make this!

TCG Logo

To create this using Photoshop, Jake had us move our logo on top of water and use a displacement map to make it look like it was actually in the water. Pretty cool!

After his presentation, I wanted to dive even deeper into Jake’s professional life, so I asked him a few questions. Here’s how my mini interview went:

Why did you become a graphic designer?

"Ever since I can remember, I've been drawn to design. I used to redraw magazine layouts as a kid as well as constantly draw and color. I continued drawing pretty much all my life and decided to do something art related for a living after a multitude of other jobs. Graphic design seemed to make sense, so I went that route."

What's your favorite part of this job?

"What I really love is the fact that I get to work on a ton of different stuff here. I get to do comps for split test variations, infographics, ads, email design and also code."

How long did it take you to master Photoshop?

"Mastering Photoshop doesn't really take that long, it's how to use it to make what you want that takes a long time. What I love about Photoshop is that you can create anything your imagination can come up with. My favorite thing to do with Photoshop is digital watercolor painting. Super fun!"

We can’t wait until Jake’s next presentation when he’ll teach us how to create another Photoshop masterpiece!

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