Drafternoon Recap - Rachel Waters - Compliance Officer

This week, Rachel took us through a fun Q&A session. We learned some interesting facts about one of our newest co-workers.

Here's what we found out about our compliance officer!

Two truths and a lie:

  1.  She has been in a tabloid.
  2.  She is an Italian citizen.
  3. In college, she hid her dog in her dorm room for a semester

1 (though inadvertently)  & 3 (Gator the Dog)



Carver (Rachel’s dog) is named after:

  1. A President
  2. An Inventor
  3. The Founder of Been Verified


2 - George Washington Carver


Where is she from?

  1. Pennsylvania
  2. San Diego
  3. North Carolina

3, however she has lived in several places up and down the east coast, New Orleans, San Francisco, Italy, London and now San Diego.


The gentleman pictured below is:

  1. Her boyfriend
  2. Sherpa; Mountain Guide
  3. An Italian Citizen



1 and 3 (although he has proclaimed himself a sherpa).


The next gentleman pictured below:

  1. Her angry neighbor who is suing Carver for barking too much
  2. Her grandfather, who was a lawyer at the Department of Justice
  3. The federal judge she clerked for



 C, The Honorable Terence W. Boyle, United States District Judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina


What do the below pictures have in common?

  1. They are all “ballers”
  2. They all hate Duke
  3. Wake Forest
  4. All of the above

in common

4, no offense to one of our office pooches Duke.


The ladies pictured below are:

  1. Members of a girl band she manages
  2. Sorority sisters
  3. Her sisters


3, her sisters


The lady pictured below is:

  1. A baby cow trainer
  2. Her Mom
  3. A hippie who lives in Vermont


2 and 3


The boat below:

  1. Is a bar in New York
  2. Is a family destination
  3. Reminds her Dad of his Frat’s basement


All of the above


What exactly does Rachel do here at The Control Group? As Compliance Officer, Rachel keeps us all in line by making sure everything The Control Group does strictly adheres to local, state, and federal laws. Nothing happens until Rachel gives us the legal thumbs up.



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