Drafternoon Recap - Tischa Culver - The 3000 Mile Journey

The 3000 Mile Journey

Being completely modest, Tischa started her drafternoon presentation saying other people's journeys are probably way cooler than hers, but she decided to share it anyway. Here it is. Maybe it’s inspiring, maybe it’s insightful...maybe just a little entertaining.

East Coast Roots

Tischa is an East Coast girl born and raised, and she’s not sure that will ever change. Born in the heart of the Bronx and raised at the Jersey Shore (the real one, not the skewed television version). Attended Monmouth University (yes, at the Jersey Shore), where she received her Bachelors in Communications, specifically PR and Journalism.

Her musical influences were of course the likes of Bon Jovi, where she has a personal connection. They grew up in the town next to Tischa and she was friends with the youngest Bongiovanni family member.

The experiences and skills Tischa acquired in the working world were varied and sometimes more exciting than she thought they would have been. They ranged from marketing to PR to freelancing and to one of her favorites...ACTING!

All of these skills, especially her acting background, gave her a great advantage for where she has now landed….

San Diego

Here she is in San Diego (where she has wanted to live in California since she was a little girl). Tischa has an amazing job as the PR and Communications Specialist here at The Control Group and she lives in America’s Finest City. The journey is far from over.


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