Drafternoon Recap—The Biggest Push That Ever Happened

If you’re one of our Facebook fans or Twitter followers (and if you’re not, you should be) you’ve probably been exposed to all the buzz around The Control Group’s most recent project—Universal Dashboard.

Last Friday, we mixed things up at drafternoon and heard the entire Universal Dashboard team discuss this mountain of a project, and listened to our dev team reveal how they tackled it.

What Is Universal Dashboard Anyway?

Well, one of the many qualities that makes The Control Group so special is that—unlike most web development agencies that focus on attracting clients—we are our own client. Basically we build and market our own services, executing everything from concept, to code, design, copy, and finally the marketing. We run the whole show. We reap the whole reward. We do it all. Yes.

Up until a few days ago, our products existed in isolation, with separate code databases and customer pools. Now, we’ve engineered a way to not only merge our existing products, but to seamlessly create and add new ones and make them available in one convenient, easy-to-access member dashboard.

The implementation of Universal Dashboard has opened up countless doors of opportunity for The Control Group. Now we have the ability to cross-sell services, up-sell existing members, and manage account information all in one place.

So the short answer is that it’s a member dashboard that will serve as a one-stop shop for all our services.

With Universal Dashboard, we can now consolidate all of our code and functionality into one place, improve user experience, and ultimately extend the lifetime value of a customer.

Aside from the outwardly visible benefits of Universal Dashboard, this project was probably one the back-end team’s biggest undertaking in the history of our company. Our fearless devs put in some seriously long days (and nights) to launch this by the projected due date. They pretty much set up shop in the conference room, stocked up on Redbull, coffee, and snacks and didn’t surface for about a week.

We can’t wait to see what our diehard team of devs roll out next!

Since they’ve already got their heads buried in our next big project, I didn’t want to pester anyone for a quote. Instead, I asked all the key players in the UD project to describe their experience working on Universal Dashboard in just ONE word. Below, their unique answers are collectively represented in the form of a word cloud.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 1.42.06 PM

Apparently throughout the course of this project, something happened with purple and David Hasselhoff that was extremely significant. Work long hours together on a project, develop inside jokes together. Pretty awesome.

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