The Control Group Celebrates Summer With A "Fun In The Sun" Swag Bag!

The sidewalk is sizzling as San Diego reaches record-breaking temperatures this summer, and the only place to be is … in the office, with the AC cranked up to White Walker-worthy temperatures. 

But when we’re not enjoying wearing our hoodies indoors, we’re in our other favorite place — the cool ocean!

To keep us all safe from sunburn and sandflies, our stellar Human Resources team — Alice, Janet, and Gemma — kindly put together an epic summer swag bag to get us through the heatwave!

the control group beach umbrella

As much as we love the rays, sitting under the sweltering sun all day is likely to result in some painful sunburn, not to mention an increased risk of skin cancer. That’s why this beach umbrella is the perfect portable companion for beach days. 

For those of us with fur-babies and baby-babies, we can now stuff everyone with sensitive skin (and paws) under our new TCG beach umbrellas!

the control group suncare gift set

We also received a little sun safety kit which included sports performance sunscreen, SPF 15 lip moisturizer, and aloe vera gel. Top tip: keep your aloe vera gel in the fridge. If you happen to get sunburned, it will feel 100% better going on if it’s cool!

A big thank you to Alice, Janet, and Gemma for keeping us cool this summer!

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