TCG Celebrates Park And Recreation Month

At The Control Group, we love spending time outside. Whether that involves taking a break by walking along the beach at our Pacific Beach office or spending time on the Zen Deck in our Little Italy location, nothing beats a break under the sun!

To celebrate the beauty of the natural world, TCG’s wellness program, The Active Group, put together an event in honor of the National Recreation and Park Association’s Park and Recreation Month.

During this month, the NRPA encouraged people to enjoy their local parks and recreation. The Active Group made this easy by putting together a fun giveaway for both offices!

[caption id="attachment_9771" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Playing with ladder game Kristle Khoury, Director of Inbound Marketing, built her ladder prize for her daughter![/caption]

After everyone received an Uno card, both offices gathered in their respective kitchens. Everyone had a chance to win a prize, but with a catch: people could only pick their winnings when their Uno card number was called!

The prizes included picnic sets, coolers, Jarts, a ring toss game, and a ladder game. The best part? None of the prizes required the use of any electronics.

Even though Park and Recreation Month is technically over, it’s never too late to head outside! How will you celebrate your local parks?

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