TCG’s Day of Eats, Cleats, and Amazing Feats

TCG showed our sporty side at our most recent company event. We made the trip out to Sportsplex USA Santee, where we enjoyed a BBQ style buffet and a day full of fun.


The burgers and hot dogs were delicious, but it was clear that everyone was eager to get outside and start playing.



Sportsplex USA Santee has three softball fields, two indoor soccer fields, batting cages, and a sports pub to eat, drink, and relax. The whole facility was available to us for the afternoon.  


Immediately after lunch, we donned our cleats, and a group headed to the softball fields while another group headed to the soccer fields.


A friendly game of 6 v. 6 soccer ensued. We broke for half time, which is when those burgers and hot dogs took their toll — there was no second half.



Instead, what followed was some impressive juggling of the soccer ball while simultaneously drinking beer. Now that is talent!



Over at the softball field, there were some exciting plays as well. Perhaps we were drawing inspiration from the MLB in anticipation for our next team outing to the Padres game. Our level of play was right up there with the big leagues.




We finished the day with a few rounds of Slammo ball. Slammo ball is a trending, new game similar to volleyball, and none of us had ever played. Things got a little heated, and new rules were constantly being added and removed throughout the rounds.


A word to the wise: read the rules before you start playing the game. There are, quite literally, only three rules.



It was great to get out of the office for a bit and work up a sweat. Even the possibility of rain couldn’t deter us from heading outdoors. Luckily, even when there is rain in the forecast, San Diego wants to stay warm and dry.


All in all, it was a fun-filled afternoon, and it was a great team bonding experience. Next up, Padres game!


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