TCG Heads To The Races!

Our most recent outing led us to the Del Mar racetrack. The day was gloomy, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time!

We ditched the floppy hats and sunglasses, and we headed to our reserved section on the home stretch. Vouchers were passed out so we could enjoy all the food and beverages the venue had to offer. Some used their vouchers on burgers and corn dogs, while others spent them on crisp beers.


Per usual, we looked to developer Andrew Johnson to give us the inside scoop on which horses to bet on. After all, he was the one with literal spreadsheets of statistics and odds at the races last year. Some people even tried to get a bigger advantage by asking Rachel, our in-house horse expert, about which horse breeds were the best. The avid equestrian let us know that all the horses at the races were thoroughbred, which meant absolutely nothing to us who lacked any horse knowledge.


Despite our lack of knowledge, we played the odds and kept our fingers crossed. The day was filled with excitement and happiness, as well as a good amount of disappointment. Luckily, the disappointment was short-lived because the betting was all in good fun, and we were in good company! With our bellies full and maybe a few dollars less in our pockets, we headed back to our limo bus to go home.

With another successful event under our belts, we’re already looking forward to our next company outing!

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