TCG Parties at the Panther Sweat Club

Every year, TCG tries to outdo our last holiday party, and every year, the party does not disappoint. This year’s celebration, a 1920s-themed event,  undoubtedly topped the charts as Best TCG Holiday Party Ever.


We made our way over to a speakeasy in the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego. We were informed of a secret, inconspicuous entry that we used to get into the speakeasy, which was dubbed the Panther Sweat Club for the night. “Panther sweat” was a slang term used in the ‘20s for bootleg liquor or whisky.

Everyone was dressed in their most dapper outfits. We mingled, we ate, we drank. We helped ourselves to prime rib, a mashed potato bar, a sushi station, and a pasta station. There were four open bars throughout the speakeasy, and we partied like it was the Roaring Twenties. Games such as poker, shuffleboard, and ping pong were played throughout the night.

Of course, the holidays are all about traditions, and every year we all bring toys to the holiday party to give to Toys for Tots. We hold a raffle every year as well, and in the end, we all come out on top with amazing gifts courtesy of TCG. While the gifts are always top of the line,  there was a minimum value to each gift this year. That’s right — not a maximum amount to be spent, but a minimum!


Prizes included state-of-the art computer monitors, iPads, Apple Watches, Bluetooth speakers, giant TVs, Yeti coolers, drones, gift cards, and more. We also received some of the best swag yet — the softest sweatshirts and t-shirts and a set of TCG-branded copper mugs. These sweatshirts are so cool and comfortable that people have been wearing them every day since the holiday party. We can only hope they are getting washed here and there!

To top off the night, we headed straight upstairs (well, after a few detours to some of the bars downtown) to our rooms that we booked at the U.S. Grant. Thanks to TCG, everyone got a great deal on room rates. For those of us that didn’t stay, we had a free Lyft ride home — again, courtesy of TCG.  

All in all, it was a night of epic proportions, and it really demonstrated that we are appreciated and will be rewarded for all of our hard work that we do every day. We seriously can’t wait for what the next holiday party has in store for us.

Happy holidays from all of us at TCG!

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