TCG Parties Through The Night Nation Run

While 5Ks are nothing new to TCG, this was our first time participating in the San Diego Night Nation Run. Our experience with the Del Mar Mud Run and the Wipeout Run could not have prepared us for this event!

Though it proclaims itself to be a “run,” it was more like a gigantic party. The site did say, “If you’re looking to set your 5k personal record — this might not be the run for you!” That seems like fair warning to us.

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The event had multiple party zones, live DJs, light shows, and more. Beer, wine, and cocktails were also available at the venue — funny how these beverages were served in the same exact cups as Charles and Andrew’s energy drinks!

Even through the chaos of the party, the team was able to find each other before and after the run. Charles and Andrew raced through so quickly, it was almost like they didn’t even run the full course…

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Unlike a couple of our TCG members who may or may not have cut the course, the rest of the team actually ran the entire race enjoying each of the party stations along the way. The consensus of the group is that this was one of the most fun races we’ve done. Let’s be real, though — we went for the party.


Next up is the Del Mar Mud Run in May! Although the Night Nation Run might not have helped us train, we have no doubts that we will be ready to take on the next 5K.

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