The TCG Crew Kicks Back With Tacos And Bowling At Punch Bowl Social San Diego

What's better than knocking down pins on reserved bowling lanes with the best employees in San Diego? Doing it while eating tacos from a taco truck buffet.

 Punch Bowl San Diego

When The Control Group decided to go bowling, we knew we deserved something a little more classy than a typical Brunswick Bowling Alley. So Last Thursday, The Control Group employees strolled over to Punch Bowl Social San Diego, strapped on their bowling shoes, and bowled a few rounds. The main lanes and the camp area were reserved for our group. 

Punch Bowl San Diego

The crew also enjoyed appetizers and a buffet Taco Truck, filled with everything anyone needs to make their personal favorite taco, including:

  •  Chicken Tinga
  • Pork Al Pastor
  • Bean & Cheese
  • Tortillas - Corn, Flour & Hard Shell
  • Taco Fixings
  • Mexican Brown Rice
  • Ojo De Cabra Beans
  • Guacamole
  • Fried Tortilla Chips
  • Radish Salad

Bowling on reserved lanes, eating tacos, and a drinking from a few punch bowls. There aren't many better ways to spend an afternoon.

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