TCG Takes A Field Trip To San Diego Breweries

Last month, TCG competed in a company-wide step challenge with a collective goal of hitting 10 million steps. Well, we hit that goal, and as a prize for our efforts, we were treated to a company outing — our very own San Diego craft brewery tour. As a city known for its great craft beers, we decided to tour a couple of the local breweries and see what makes them so successful. We also wanted to taste for ourselves just how good these local craft beers are (purely educational, of course!).

We ditched work early and took off right after lunch on a Thursday afternoon. Our first stop on the tour was Ballast Point, located in Scripps Ranch. Ballast Point is consistently rated as one of the top breweries in San Diego, and their beers have won multiple awards. We all received up to three samples of our choosing, and we were given a behind-the-scenes tour. With our safety glasses in check, we were shown the ins and outs of what goes into making an award-winning craft beer.


After rounding up the gang (which was quite a task in itself as many were content to just hang around at Ballast), we climbed back into our buses and sipped on some of our recent purchases. A few TCG members were almost left behind after sneaking over to the spirits tasting room to purchase a bottle or two of Ballast Point’s Devil’s Share Whiskey. Then, it was off to the next brewery — Mission Brewery in downtown San Diego.

Mission Brewery also boasts award-winning craft beers, and they even have their own handcrafted hard root beer. Mission Brewery’s hard root beer was deemed “really good” by root beer aficionado and CTO, Shiem Edelbrock. Although there was no behind-the-scenes tour, Mission Brewery’s entire brewhouse was on display, and brew masters were making beer out in the open.

Everyone was given four different samples to try, including a blonde ale, an amber ale, a Hefeweizen, and an IPA. We drank, ate, and played shuffle board. We bonded as a team, and surprisingly only had one spilled beer and one broken glass throughout the whole afternoon. We call that a success!


The day came to an end for some as we headed back to the offices, while others decided to extend the tour themselves by heading over to the Paw (a.k.a. Monkey Paw). With our souvenir Mission Brewery pint glasses in hand, our faces flushed from our samples, and our bellies full, we silently thanked Tony Lea and Jake Howard — who each had a ridiculous amount of steps each — for helping us reach our 10 million steps to make this craft brewery tour possible. Thanks, guys!


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