TCG Wins Big In Del Mar

It’s that time of the year again — summer days means horse races in Del Mar. As we do every year, The Control Group headed to the Del Mar Racetrack to enjoy a day of placing bets, team bonding, and enjoying the warm summer weather.


Horses racing by


We reserved our prime seats right along the stretch run and cheered on our favored horses. We had some big wins this year, from $100 to $400 wins. Winning the big bucks along with beer on tap and nachos piled high with cheese and meat made for a very successful team outing.


del mar tcg selfie


Since the bus driver for the PB office favored the scenic route, both on the way to and from the races, we asked him to take a slight detour to Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial. For those who have never visited Mount Soledad, it’s highly recommended. The 360-degree view of beautiful San Diego is jaw-dropping.


Team at Mt. Soledad


We arrived to Mount Soledad in time to see the setting sun, and at that moment, we took the time to really appreciate that we live and work in the most beautiful city. On top of that, as we enjoyed this moment with great people, we realized we couldn’t be more lucky.

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