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Looking for someone? Try Instant Checkmate!

When you’re trying to get the full scoop on a person, traditional search engines can only draw part of the picture. To fill in the blanks, there’s Instant Checkmate, our flagship property and one of the leading people search engines in the world.

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InstantCheckmate aggregates information from public records databases all over the country to build comprehensive background reports on just about anybody. Gone are the days of trekking around town, filling out forms and waiting in depressing, beige-walled government offices to access the records you’re looking for. With Instant Checkmate, you can get information instantly from the comfort of your home, and you’ll never have to submit requests in triplicate or lick a stamp.

What Is Instant Checkmate?

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Since its 2010 launch, Instant Checkmate has become a go-to resource for online daters looking for protection against phishing, “catfishing,” and fraud. Checking out a potential mate prior to meeting in person just makes good sense, and we’re proud to give daters the information they need to stay safer online.

Check out the video below to find out what InstantCheckmate could expose about the people in your life.

But Instant Checkmate isn’t just for conducting online background checks — it also facilitates reunions. More than ever, people are turning to this site to find old friends, reconnect with estranged family members, and rekindle lost love. Starting with just a first and last name, members can access current contact information and location data on just about anyone. With the help of this powerful people search engine, finding that person you’ve been looking for has never been easier.

Of course we’re proud of how this product is empowering thousands of people every day to make confident and informed decisions about who they interact with. But don’t just take our word for it: ask our social media fan base that’s 212,000 strong... and counting!

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What Can Instant Checkmate Find?

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InstantCheckmate finds information by scouring millions of public records. This data is filed by government agencies, and it includes census records, criminal records, census data, and more.

Of course, finding all this information is one thing — turning it into an easy-to-read report is a more impressive feat. The team of developers behind Instant Checkmate has worked tirelessly to create user-friendly reports that are straightforward, detailed, and accurate.

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When available, Instant Checkmate finds the following information in a standard report:

  • Contact information, including names, aliases, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Location history and addresses
  • Social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Criminal records and conviction dates
  • And more!

Instant Checkmate also offers premium information for a small, additional fee. When available, this information can include:

  • Voter registration
  • Weapons permits
  • Hunting permits
  • Tax lien and bankruptcy data
  • Business associates
  • And more!

InstantCheckmate does not offer free background check services. We pay information providers for the best data available, and we charge our users so we can continue to keep our servers running.

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To make it even easier to find background check information, we recently released an Instant Checkmate app for Android users. The app places all the power of Instant Checkmate in the palm of your hand, allowing anyone to instantly look up contact information, social media profiles, and more on the go.

How To Use InstantCheckmate

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If you have questions, we have answers. The Instant Checkmate help page offers video tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions, including how to create an Instant Checkmate account, how to cancel an account, and how to run a background search.

If users want to speak with someone directly, Instant Checkmate’s dedicated member care team is ready to help. Based in the USA, member care representatives are available 7 Days a Week 5:00am to 10:00pm PST* (8:00am - 1:00am EST) (holiday hours may vary). They’re happy to answer questions any time at 1-800-222-8985 or [email protected]

People use InstantCheckmate for a variety of reasons. Some people use it to find lost friends and family; others are simply curious about the people they know. Here are some common uses for InstantCheckmate:

  • Checking people online: Whether you’re buying something on Craigslist or just curious about a new follower, Instant Checkmate makes it easy to figure out how to find a person online using their name, email address, or phone number.
  • Finding old friends and family: From estrangement to just falling out of touch, Instant Checkmate is the best resource to find multiple ways to reconnect with loved ones.
  • Discovering criminal records: If you think someone you know has had a run-in with the law, Instant Checkmate makes it simple to view their arrest history.
  • Researching online dates: Facebook stalking can only take you so far. Instant Checkmate’s original purpose was to learn more about online dates, and it remains one of the best ways to research someone before you meet up in person.
  • Looking up unknown callers: Is an unfamiliar number calling you at all hours of the day? It could be your bank — or it could be a scam. Instant Checkmate’s reverse phone lookup feature can reveal the name behind the number.

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InstantCheckmate Reviews

We believe in quality work, and that’s why Instant Checkmate consistently receives high ratings from high-authority entities. Instant Checkmate has an A+ rating from the San Diego Better Business Bureau, a 4.5-star rating on Google Play, and a dedicated Instant Checkmate reviews page for users to share their experiences.

We’re proud of our work with Instant Checkmate. We are not an Instant Checkmate scam — we secure our website with a 128-bit encryption and a verified SSL certificate. Whenever you’re browsing Instant Checkmate’s website, you’ll see a green padlock in the URL. That means we are committed to protecting our members’ information.

Have you used Instant Checkmate before? Leave us an Instant Checkmate review or drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter!

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Instant Checkmate In The Community

The team behind InstantCheckmate is based in San Diego, and we’ve been lucky enough to partner with a range of charities and nonprofits in our community, including the Helen Woodward Animal Center, International Rescue Committee, and I Love A Clean San Diego, among other incredible organizations.

Instant Checkmate’s ongoing partnership with nonprofit Together We Bake helps women enter the workforce after being released from the corrections system. Together We Bake provides women with the opportunity to learn hands-on job skills relating to food production, product packaging and delivery, customer service, and business principles. Instant Checkmate has sponsored Together We Bake for the past three years, and we’re excited to continue working with the team!

The Instant Checkmate team is always working, always improving, and always looking for new ways to help people have the best experience with our product. Check us out at!