Leading Tech Startup Releases Open Source Laravel Admin Package, Voyager 1.0

Voyager by Tony Lea at The Control Group

The Control Group released Voyager version 1.0 on GitHub on Sept. 18, 2017. As of publication, the open source Laravel admin package has earned nearly 4,500 stars. Voyager makes it easy to quickly build out websites and applications with maximum control over appearance and functionality.

Other CMS platforms present developers and agencies with difficulties in terms of security, scalability and flexibility. However, Voyager empowers developers to add posts, delete users, add images, create menus, add settings, build forms and more—without bloated code and slow plugins that present potential security breaches. This unique functionality provides Voyager’s growing user base the capability to build out applications easier and faster than ever.

Voyager home screen

Voyager was created by Tony Lea, a developer at The Control Group, a San Diego-based startup. Lea said, “Voyager was something I built to fill a gap in the marketplace. It satisfied a clear need among the open source community, and I am lucky to have worked with so many great developers throughout this project. We were incredibly proud to have GitHub name The Control Group as a top-trending developer among the likes of Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I look forward to Voyager’s future. Every day, code is being contributed to make it even better.”

President Steven Gray said, “Voyager is another clear example of the incredible development initiatives being performed at The Control Group. We’re excited to support Voyager, which represents the culmination of a great idea and passionate execution.”

To learn more about Voyager and follow its updates, visit its homepage: http://laravelvoyager.com.

Voyager BREAD builder

About The Control Group
Created in 2011, The Control Group is one of the fastest-growing technology companies headquartered in San Diego. Their expertise is in web development and internet marketing. The company is the developer of InstantCheckmate.com, one of the top people search engines in the world. Because the company is already profitable, it has been able to develop a company culture that is shaking up the technology sector. At the core of its company culture, The Control Group seeks to make a positive impact in its community by volunteering, supporting and getting involved in numerous important causes.